What are the Best Supplements for Bone Health

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Unlike mental health, it is relatively easy to determine which supplements are good for your bones, but they do take time.

It won’t happen overnight, and you will have to keep to a strict schedule to see any real difference.

It’s best you start early; strong bones will keep you on your feet for years and also reduce the chances of bone-related diseases and reduce pain in the joints as well.

Supplements for Bone Health

With brittle bones, you will be severely limited as to what type of physical activates you can do.
There are many bone health supplements out there, let’s see which best ones are and how they affect your body:

• Calcium: Probably the most important nutrient for bone health out there. It is found naturally in some dairy products, milk being at the top of the list. But it’s easier said than done, and you might be asking yourself, why calcium is vital to bone health?

Well, it’s because of some reasons. Calcium plays a very important role in bone building and other bodily processes such as muscle contraction, blood clots, transmission of messages through nerves, etc.

Meaning it’s used in a multitude of processes and if there isn’t enough calcium in your diet, then your body will start taking calcium from your bones.

Bone Health

And as if that wasn’t enough, human body continually removes small amounts of calcium from your bones and replaces with new calcium found in your diet; this is a sort of a remodeling process.

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So if your body isn’t getting enough calcium in your diet, not only will your bones not get stronger, but they will get weaker and weaker as time passes.

There are many different types of calcium supplements, and the best calcium supplement for osteoporosis and other illnesses depends mainly on your needs.

Calcium citrate is most easily absorbed by your body, but Calcium carbonate is less expensive and has more raw calcium element.

Meaning calcium and bone health are directly related.

• Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2: these are the best vitamins for bones health. Vitamin D3 helps increase the rate of Curcumin bone healthcalcium absorption in your body and K2 is required for the production of a few proteins in the bones. It can be found naturally in dark green vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, brussels sprouts, etc. and in raw cheese as well.
• Curcumin: this is an active ingredient in the spice turmeric, and some recent studies have linked it to healthy bone development along with many other benefits including digestive health.
• Hydrochloric acid: This is specifically for those individuals that naturally have low stomach acids which are very common among the older generation. It will help absorb calcium and other nutrients from your diet.
• Some other minerals such as Magnesium, Manganese and the hormone Progesterone are essential for proper healthy bone development.

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