Save With Coupon Codes When You Shop With iHerb

Save up to $10 with this iHerb Coupon Code

When ordering vitamins and supplements, everybody in our family always does it through iHerb, the reputable online store. iHerb was actually named as the number 1 online store by consumer lab for two consecutive years (2008 and 2009), and in terms of savings and customer service, you won’t be finding anything better out there than coupon codes. At any given time, you could always find an iHerb coupon code that’s currently active, so you rarely have to pay full price for your purchases.

Here are some coupon codes you ought to check out:

Coupon codes UBU994 this gives first-time customers an instant $5 off their total purchase no matter how big or small their order is.
Simply enter this code in the shopping cart before checkout to avail of a $5 discount off the total.
Use Code UBU994 and get 5% OFF orders over $60

A friend of mine who was new to shopping through iHerb recently paid for her first purchase using this code and she not only got $5 off but free samples as well.

If you are already a customer, then these coupon codes are not going to be that useful for you. Instead, you could check out coupon codes UBU994. This gives you $5 off the total purchase, 2 free samples of your choice, and free shipping for orders that total more than $40.

Use Code UBU994 and get 5% OFF orders over $60

By the way, iHerb carries much more than vitamins and supplements they also have natural grocery products and a bath and body section. One product that I absolutely love is Source Naturals Skin Eternal Cream; at a regular price of $23.50, this moisturizer compares favourably with expensive face creams that sell as much as ten times the price. Usually, though, iHerb always has some discount or sale going on, which is why I rarely pay full price for this product. Right now, for example, a single jar of Skin Eternal Cream is going for a 44% discount, you can get it for only $13.16. iHerb even offers more discounts for volume orders.

Best of all, online ordering through the iHerb site is hassle-free. Only a few steps and you’re all done. If you already have an account, you can simply access previous orders and update them. A great time saver for repeat orders.