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What are natural supplements?

Natural health supplements are dietary supplements that contain compounds extracted from plants to address a particular dietary need of the consumer, which usually cannot be met through their usual diet.

They contain concentrated amounts of these essential substances, which are otherwise found in much smaller proportions in your normal food. Examples include Echinacea for fighting colds, ginkgo for boosting memory, flaxseed for lowering cholesterol and the list of these supplements goes on and on.

Natural supplements aren’t exactly a recent development. Also known as botanicals, they have been used, albeit in somewhat unrefined form, for thousands of years. One thing to note about these supplements is that they aren’t subject to the same degree of scientific scrutiny or regulation as standard medications.

For example, FDA approval is not mandatory for herbal supplement manufacturers to sell their products in the market.
This is why you should do some homework and investigation into the supplements being sold in the market, before you decide on making a purchase. Some of these products may have ‘drug-like’ effects that could be undesirable.

In any case, consulting a doctor before taking any natural supplement is highly recommended, particularly if you have an existing health condition or, in the case of women, are pregnant / lactating.

How health supplements are made safe:

Although these supplements aren’t as strictly regulated as medicines or foods by the FDA, there still are certain regulations that have to be met in order to be considered fit for commercial marketing.

  • If a manufacturer has not sought FDA approval for their supplement, they have to put forth sufficient research to support the claim that it addresses the specified nutrient deficiency. Also, there should be a disclaimer present with such products that clearly states that their claim isn’t FDA evaluated.
  • Manufacturers have to observe sound-manufacturing practices to make sure that their product has consistency and quality. These manufacturing regulations are put in place to ensure that harmful substances such as contaminants and wrong ingredients are not put into them. They also ensure that the right substances are in correct proportions.

Thanks to these regulations, you have quality healthy supplements that you can rely on. If a supplement fails to meet these standards, the FDA can step in to remove it from the market.

herbs and natural supplements

Even if the supplement you are taking meets these stipulations, it does not make it safe specifically for you.
As already mentioned, you may have an underlying health condition that could be triggered by it ‘ or you may mix two different kinds of natural supplements leading to adverse health effects. Therefore, the need to consult a doctor before trying out a supplement cannot be stressed enough.

How to tell what’s inside the supplement you are taking?

As required by the FDA, the following information will be present on the labels of all natural supplements:

  • The supplement’s name
  • The name/address of the maker / distributor
  • A full list of ingredients ‘ in the supplement facts panel or listed below it
  • Amount, serving size and active ingredient

These details are usually easily identifiable, showing the ingredients present in the product. However, if you are unsure, consult your physician / pharmacist for further assistance. You can also compare the ingredients present in these products by accessing the Dietary Supplements Labels Database, available on the website of the National Library of Medicine.

This database contains detailed information about the ingredients present in thousands of health supplements sold in the US. You can easily find the product you wish to analyze via brand name, active ingredient, manufacturer or uses.

A smart approach to buying natural supplements is to search for options which originate from whole foods. For instance, when searching for vitamins supplements, you should generally recognize the food on which it is based ‘ otherwise treat the product with extreme scrutiny to ascertain its background. In the case of vitamins, the sources would be some kind of fruit/vegetables.

As a rule of thumb, when choosing between two or more supplements, go for the one with the least number of overall ingredients ‘ the more the number of ingredients, the higher the chance of there being artificial content in the product.

Herbal supplements ‘ feasible options for dealing with health conditions?

How are herbs better than artificial medications?

A large number of people are unsure about opting for herbs and natural supplements over artificial supplements vitamins. To quell their uncertanty, the biggest plus point for choosing natural over artificial is that the natural have origins based in food sources. Since they are created from food sources, our body is better accustomed to utilizing them for what they are actually made out for.

Consequently, your body will be better able to absorb the nutrients they contain, as compared to when you consume artificial supplements. Pure natural supplements such as organic vitamins are recommended for those people who are health conscious or have several allergies, specifically because of the fact that they contain no artificial additives that can have harmful side effects.

best health supplements

Here is an excellent example which shows that natural supplements can go head to head with the best of artificial treatments:

There are a number of natural weight loss supplements which can be just as effective as conventional weight loss treatments. An example is the extract of the coleus forskohlii root, that contains the active ingredient forskolin, which increases the supply of hormone-sensitive lipase to your body. This enzyme allows the fat stored in your body to be burned as fuel ‘ thereby helping you battle obesity.

According to a fresh study published in Obesity Research, men who took 250 mgs of this substance (containing 10% of the active ingredient), reduced their body fat by an average of 4 points over a 3 month period. Additionally, they were also able to increase their testosterone levels as a bonus.

Besides this example there are plenty more:

Griffonia simplifica seed extract is one of the best natural sleep herbs supplements that contain 5-hydroxytryptophan, a substance that boosts the sleep hormone called serotonin.

This substance is naturally formed from tryptophan in the body, but for those suffering from insomnia, the natural supplement can help them deal with sleepless nights when the body isn’t making enough of its own.

St. John’s Wort, extracted from the plant hypericum perforatum, is one of the more popular natural herbal supplements for depression. It is used on its own (without any other antidepressant) to help people address mild / moderate depression symptoms. It can also be used as alternative medicine for adolescents and kids.

Ginseng, is an extremely versatile herb that falls in the category of bodybuilding supplements. It aids muscle synthesis by getting the body better attuned to physical stress. According to Medline Plus, a National Institutes of Health service, the herb may raise an individual’s energy levels, heart health and sense of well-being.

In other words, ginseng helps budding body builders to deal with the stresses of regular, intense workouts by regulating their appetite, mood and sleep.

What are the best natural health supplements?

Here is a selection of the best health supplements around that are both effective and safe:

  • cranberry capsulesCranberry (vaccinium macrocarpon): Concentrated cranberry extracts, such as cranberry juice, pack a certain type of antioxidants called anthocyanins. They have recently begun to be used for preventing (and sometimes treating) urinary tract problems. Clinical studies have revealed the effectiveness of cranberry for this purpose, this is however limited to specific populations. It is believed that cranberry is effective in dealing with UTI because of its antimicrobial characteristics and its ability to potentially prevent bacteria from sticking to the tract.
    Additionally, cranberry has also found a use in holistic heart therapies. An increasing amount of evidence suggests that cranberry, alongside other antioxidant rich fruits, might lessen the chance of cardiovascular disease by increasing the LDL’s oxidation resistance, inhibiting platelet aggregation, lowering blood pressure and alleviating inflammation in circulatory vessels.
    It is advisable to restrict the daily consumption of cranberry juice to less than 3 liters a day to avoid adverse effects such as diarrhea and similar stomach problems.
  • Saw palmetto: Previous clinical studies which studied the effectiveness of this herbal supplement in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) compared to that of finasteride, have reported that it has a comparable efficacy.
    This natural extract is rarely troublesome for the body as far as side effects are concerned and has no considerable contraindications or identified botanical/drug interactions.
  • soy productsSoy isoflavones: Soy isoflavones are chemicals found inside soy, flaxseed and red clover, which have effects comparable to the human estrogen hormone. Most American females consume this natural supplement to deal with menopausal symptoms. A study conducted in 2006 found that soy protein appeared to lower the levels of cholesterol and that red clover lowers the amount of triglycerides while raising HDL cholesterol levels at the same time. In conclusion, this study said that the isoflavones present in red clover and soy have a small yet positive effect, and would have benefits for women experiencing menopause.
    You should use caution in using these supplements if you are allergic to soy / flax. Also, occasionally, large amounts of soy / isolated isoflavones can lead to bowel irritation.
  • garlic health benefitsGarlic (Allium sativum): Standardized extract of garlic is used in the US most frequently for its putative ability to reduce serum triglycerides and cholesterol. According to recent studies, garlic is only good for lowering serum triglycerides, having no effect on LDL cholesterol. Evidence is also present for several other beneficial properties of garlic ‘ its abilities are to stabilize blood pressure, enhance immune functions, support cardiovascular functions and protect against infections.
    According to two recent clinical studies, the extract of garlic is potentially effective for preventing colorectal and stomach cancers, as well as having moderate effects in bringing down serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
    Keep in mind that garlic can cause body odor and bad breath, as well as flatulence, heartburn, diarrhea and nausea.
  • ginkgo benefitsGinkgo: This is one of the herb supplements that have been thoroughly investigated through clinical studies, especially for its efficiency in enhancing memory and cognitive functioning of older people who suffer from hampered cerebral circulation. There are a number of studies, e.g. Ramassmay et al. 2007, that report positive results of treatments using gingko biloba for preventing cognitive deficits in aged people.
    There are extremely rare cases in which a GI upset may occur from its use, and it can increase the risk of bleeding in patients who are taking antiplatelet / anticoagulant drugs.
  • echinacea side effectsEchinacea (E. angustifolia, E. pallida, Echinacea purpurea): This was one of the herbs and supplements used by Native American medicine men ‘ today; it is used for fighting off the symptoms of the flu, colds and respiratory infections. According to certain researchers, this natural extract has the ability to enhance the response of immune cells ‘ the catch being, that only specific preparations of the substance can do this e.g. isolated polysaccharides or fresh pressed juice. A combined analysis of fourteen clinical studies on the effects of this substance on the severity and duration of the common cold yielded that proactive treatment with echinacea lowered the chances of caching a cold by 58%, and brought down the average duration by a period of 1.4 days.
    The supplement doesn’t have side effects but people suffering from a ragweed allergy may be allergic to it.
  • milk thistle tabletsMilk Thistle: This herbal extract is most often used to protect and support the liver. It is packed with potent antioxidants called flavonolignans. There has been a disparity about its possible benefit in protecting the liver: two recent studies came to varying results in 2007 and 2008 respectively. In both studies, however, the clinical effects of extracts of milk thistle were acknowledged, with the observation that the clinical observations were not rigorous enough to merit a conclusive result.
    No significant side effects of this substance have been reported, however, some individuals might experience loose stools.

There are plenty of other supplements for health that has benefits geared towards different bodily systems, but it is important that you research them thoroughly before investing in them. An example is Black Cohosh, which is a considerably popular menopausal treatment that has been rebuked by several studies.

Where is the best place to buy supplements?

As in the case of almost all other consumables these days, the internet has become the number one point of purchase of natural supplements. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Quality: Because of the competition that internet retailers face in the supplement market, they are compelled to ensure top quality for their products. There is no way that one brand / retailer can dominate the market, because the people have easy alternatives if they are unsatisfied with the service of one retailer. Consequently, the top retailers ensure that the standard of quality of their products is maintained at all costs.
    Because of the truly global nature of internet markets, it is extremely easy for people to make or break the reputation of a particular natural health supplement. Using social media, blogs and forums, consumers can share their experience regarding a product or a retailer, which is another reason why good online natural products stores make every effort to minimize the possibility of customer dissatisfaction.
  • Cost: Once again, due to the saturated nature of the online supplements market, sellers are forced to keep their prices as low as possible to stay abreast of competitors. In fact there are plenty of deals and discounts available on various types of natural supplements to encourage as many potential clients as possible.
  • Speed of delivery: Products sold on the internet usually arrive punctually, as stated in the invoice that you receive when making the purchase. You can lodge a complaint if you do not receive your delivery within due time. The best online retailers even let you track the progress of your delivery through their website. This makes it much easier to get an ETA on when you will receive your ordered supplements, compared to calling and checking with the supplier in the case of a conventional purchase.
  • Modification of order: Typically, you will be able to modify the order you have placed with a natural store online. The condition is that the order be in the ‘In Progress’ state when you are attempting to make the modification. Once the order is ‘Ready to Ship’ you aren’t able to make any changes. Modifying your order is quite easy to do. All you have to do is log in to your account (the one you made with retailer you are buying from) and make the required changes. Compare this with having to manually call the retailer in case of traditional over-the-phone or mail order purchases, and you will see just how much easier it is.
  • Easy self-assessment: Most reputable online natural health supplement vendors’ websites contain additional links that are not directly related to selling their merchandise, but are present for the benefit of the potential customer. These include links to websites that contain detailed information on supplements, the various health conditions they affect, complications that can arise as a result of supplement use, interactions between drugs and supplements and so on. All this detail can easily be dissected at leisure from the comfort of your home, meaning that you are better able to decide which supplement is best for you (however, of course, your doctor should have the final say in this matter) or whether you even need a supplement at all. Compared to phone based advice, this is virtually cost free and does not require the involvement of a third person.

The summary is that you have quality, flexibility, and a cost effective method, all from the comfort of your home. You can surf the huge collection of high quality supplement websites and products until you find the one, which is right for you, and then order it from your couch.

You can also easily discover if the product you want is any good by doing some quick search engine based research, which will, if the product is popular, yield several reviews and opinions from other people who have used the product.

In short, your hard earned money is being used for the safest investment possible as far as natural health supplements go.

Are promotion codes and discount coupons the best way to get quality products?

When buying supplements online, you have an added bonus in terms of monetary expense ‘ that being, you can utilize online promo codes to make your purchases cost even less than their retail cost.

Several of the top online retailers release online discount codes on a regular basis to attract more customers. You should stay on the lookout for such coupon discounts since they offer the most economical way of getting your natural supplements.

coupon code for iherb 2014

Retailers usually announce the date for their next discount coupon codes offer, so it is advisable to regularly visit their websites so you know when the next promo coupons deal is going to happen.

There are generally two types of discount promo codes:

  1. Flat discount codes ‘ these online promo codes, when applied to your purchase, reduce the overall cost by a fixed amount of money.
  2. Percentage discount codes ‘ these codes, when applied to your purchase, deduct a fixed percentage of money from your total bill. These are the best promo codes, and you should always try to get health and beauty coupons of this type when making larger purchases, since a percentage deduction in the overall cost may be more significant than a fixed value deduction.

If these basic benefits aren’t enough to convince you about the usefulness of online purchasing using coupons, there are also special deals such as free shipping, zero tax, buy one product and get another free etc.

Use Code UBU994 and get 5% OFF orders over $60

Promo codes are offered either by the retailer themselves or by their select partners, so there is always a good chance that you’ll get promo codes through a simple search engine web search.

In fact, there are plenty of websites that are dedicated to finding coupons for various retailers, including those of natural supplements.

How about free shipping coupons? How do they work?

As already mentioned, dollar discounts and percentage offs aren’t the only promo coupons available for online natural supplements. Free shipping promo codes are equally useful for internet orders placed internationally, and even locally.

Free shipping deals, as the name implies, removes the shipping cost from your purchases ‘ which may make up a significant portion of the net cost. Usually, free shipping coupon codes are applicable only after your purchases are worth a certain threshold in dollars.

The average free shipping promo code restriction is usually quite low, typically $15-$20, which means you will be able to use these free shipping offers for most purchases you make.

Supplements free shipping deals sometimes have bonuses thrown in, such as free sample, zero tax etc. and may even come in conjunction with standard dollar off or percentage off offers.

What is iHerb?

iHerb Inc is an online seller of nutritional supplements and other health products based in Moreno, California. A fast growing business, it operates both locally and globally and offers one of the most comprehensive selections of top quality nutritional products in the world.

Established in 1996, has striven towards providing an enhanced online purchase experience for its customers. Their name is a reference to their initial promotion of the benefits of St. John’s Wort, a natural herbal supplement.

Boasting a sophisticated e-commerce platform and two high tech warehouses in Kentucky and California, the company guarantees swift reordering and constantly updated information of their stock ‘ down to the expiration dates of their products.

The collection of health products they offer numbers over 35,000 and covers well over a thousand well reputed, established brands. The general breakdown of their products and services is as follows: supplements, herbs, skin care, weight loss, superfoods, aromatherapy as well as bath and beauty, pets, kids and babies, healthy home and sports.

iHerb Moreno Valley CA has also received numerous certifications including a Good Manufacturing Practices certification from NSF international, six consecutive number one ratings from Consumer Lab and a Hacker Proof security certification for their website from Comodo.

How does iHerb deliver their product to customers?

iHerb gives the express guarantee to have your order shipped to you at the earliest possibility. Boasting a fully stationed distribution center that works tirelessly to make sure that your order is expertly packaged and swiftly shipped, iHerb desires total satisfaction of their customers.

They have multiple local shipping methods to match your budget and urgency:

  • Expedited (1-5 Day) Shipping ‘ this iHerb shipping option is free of charge for orders of more than $20, without any consideration of weight. It works within the US only, and employs Fedex Smartpost that delivers your orders using UPS or US Postal.
  • Expedited 2-Day ‘ this shipping method becomes free of cost if your order exceeds $60, but is limited to the contiguous US, where it is available. Deliveries are made by 5pm, from Monday to Friday. There are certain zip codes for which this method may not work e.g. U.S. Territories such as the Virgin Islands, Guam and Puerto Rico; Alaska and Hawaii.
  • UPS Next-Day, Economy ‘ this method charges a flat $8 for the first eight pounds in your order, and works throughout the contiguous US, where it is available. Deliveries are made by 5pm, from Monday to Friday. There are certain zip codes for which this method may not work e.g. U.S. Territories such as the Virgin Islands, Guam and Puerto Rico; Alaska and Hawaii.
  • UPS Next-Day, Expedited – this method charges a flat $12 for the first twelve pounds in your order, and works throughout the contiguous US, where it is available. Deliveries are made typically by 10:30AM, from Monday to Friday (the exact time may depend on the destination). There are certain zip codes for which this method may not work e.g. U.S. Territories such as the Virgin Islands, Guam and Puerto Rico; Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Priority or First Class Airmail ‘ limited to orders with a maximum weight of 20 pounds and a maximum worth of $80, Priority / First Class Airmail delivers fine to APO Addresses and PO Boxes, besides street addresses. The orders are delivered from Monday to Saturday.
    Precautions about local shipping methods:

It is good to be aware and note that the UPS driver might decide not to leave your package, if you aren’t there to receive it in person. In order to avoid this issue and to ensure that you receive your order on time, supply a business address in the destination field when placing the order.

You should also note that if your ordered products require refrigeration, and were ordered after the 12pm Thursday cutoff time, they won’t ship until Monday. Items that require refrigeration are indicated on the iHerb website by the ‘ice’ suffix placed after their normal name.

Besides local shipping, iHerb ships orders to more than 150 countries around the globe:

These countries include Australia, Belarus, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Korea, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine and UK among many others.

International deliveries are made using International Airmail, DHL and UPS prominently with several country specific services such as KoreaPost, Sagawa, Yamato, SingPost/CJ Express, Sino China, UCS China and BoxBerry Tracking also being utilized. Contact / tracking information for these services can be obtained from iHerb’s website’s international section.

In general, orders placed for delivery using UPS or DHL can be tracked, and are also delivered much more swiftly than those delivered using International Airmail. On the other hand, International Airmail orders are subject to a lesser degree of scrutiny by the customs of your country and fewer custom duties, but cannot be tracked and take longer to deliver.

iHerb makes it easy for you to estimate the shipping cost of your order to your particular country by letting you select your country from a drop down menu after adding an item to the cart and using the ‘Calculate’ feature. They will also let you know of potential issues at this point.

Precautions about international shipping methods:

Remember that you will have to pay any import tax / custom duty that is charged on the order. Brokerage / handling fee may also need to be paid. These extra expenses will be billed to you directly, separate from your shipping charge.

Be sure to include an accurate shipping address, email and phone number details when placing the international order ‘ the last two pieces of information will help the delivery service contact you if they have a problem making the delivery.

Before placing the order, iHerb advises you to contact your country’s custom office to inquire about import restrictions / regulations. Becoming familiar with your customs policies are important since they vary from country to country and unfamiliarity with them may lead to larger import taxes, delayed delivery or the order not getting delivered at all.

Before placing the order, know whether the particular shipment of products is allowed and whether any additional permits / licenses are required.

Note that if your order has to be returned to iHerb as a result of a restricted/banned products policy, an incorrect address, refusal to pay customs or accept the order, or absence of a receiver, iHerb will refund you the amount charged for the order after deducting the shipping charges and an additional 20% of the order’s value (to address restocking costs).

They will also deduct other miscellaneous charges that occurred while the product was being a shipped e.g. return postage fee, warehousing fees, etc.

First time international customers may have to verify their credit card details for the sake of protection of both iHerb and the customers themselves. First time verification ensures that the account holder is using the credit card himself or herself.

If this extra verification is necessary, the customer is informed via an email from iHerb’s verification team.

What if I have a problem? How does iHerb deal with complaints?

If you have a problem with the product you purchased from iHerb, there are multiple ways to let them know about it:

  • Using the Contact Form (Recommended): iHerb recommends this as the best way to reach them ‘ all you need to do is head over to their website’s Contact section. Enter your complete name, email address and order number (optional) and select the Subject of the message, from the drop down list, as the general complaint type closest to the one you want to make. Enter the details of your problem e.g. damaged/missing goods, problems logging into the website etc. in the message field and click on ‘Submit’.
  • Using Live Chat: If typing a long complaint message isn’t your thing, you can reach iHerb through their LiveChat service that requires you to enter your name, e-mail (optional) and order number (optional). This method lets you talk with a real life customer support representative from iHerb, and you can relay your complaints to them directly. The rep will guide you on the next course of action to take with regards to your specific iHerb complaints.

Although iHerb guarantees their products to be of the highest possible quality, they cannot guarantee specific outcomes from their supplements; if you ordered several products and your experience with some of them was unsatisfactory, you can return the rest of them, given that they are unopened and 60 days have not passed since receiving them.

The return address is iHerb Return Desk, 17825 Indian Street, Moreno Valley, CA 92551. Be sure to enclose a copy of the packing slip, or a copy of the order form, which can be acquired from the ‘Order History’ section of your iHerb site account.

The amount you paid for the returned products will be credited back to your account, minus any discounts that you applied. Processing the return request takes time so you will have to be a little patient.

Common misspellings

iHerb has become something of a household name when it comes to the online purchase of health supplements. Consequently, many people often mistakenly mispel its actual name from iHerb to variations such as ‘I herb’, ‘iherbs’, ‘iher’, ‘iherbcom’, etc. Thanks to iHerb’s immense online popularity, most search engines easily detect this error and show results for iHerb ‘ meaning that you still end up at the correct website.

The same applies to iHerb related queries such as coupon code searches. It is easy to erroneously type ‘iherbs coupon’ or ‘i herb coupon’ instead of the correct ‘iherb coupon’, but rest assured, the search engine will rectify your error automatically so that the coupon sites it presents in its results do in fact contain iHerb coupons.

What is the best iHerb code for you? is a number one provider to selling the most reliable and high quality health supplement brands at discounted prices through various iherb discount codes that let you eliminate a portion of the total costs of your purchase. Indirectly, you can use these coupons to buy extra products from the money you save!

As mentioned previously, it is extremely easy to find promo codes for simply open up your favorite search engine and search for coupon code for iHerb 2014, to get the freshest deals being offered by iHerb. For instance, the UBU994 iherb coupon code 2014 knocks off a flat $10 from your purchases. The iHerb promo code 2014 eliminates the shipping cost for your purchases.

This combination of cost reducing properties makes this coupon code the best one you can find at the moment.

Is there an iHerb coupon code for returning customers?

If you’re a returning customer to iHerb, you’ll be disappointed to know that most coupons for iHerb work only for new customers. However, just because you don’t get a coupon code for iHerb, doesn’t mean that you should start feeling left out: iHerb offers special VIP discounts to their old customers ‘ 10% off the order after their cart is worth more than $100.

For a returning customer, as a general rule, the more you buy, the bigger the discount percentage gets. Therefore, you can make up for not being able to use the latest iHerb coupons 2014 if you buy all your natural health supplements in one go (to make your purchase as large as possible) so that you can avail a correspondingly large discount!

iHerb also offers special deals on various brands / products from time to time which can be viewed on their website’s ‘Specials’ section. These deals are usually limited time only so you should check this section regularly. These deals are not bound to an iHerb Coupon 2014 so both returning and new customers can avail them.

How do I get iHerb free shipping?

Besides the coupons mentioned above, there are plenty of coupons that remove the shipping cost from your order. An example is the coupon code iherb that lets you avail ‘Free 1-5 Day Shipping and Zero Sales Tax on US orders over $20’.

There is also the possibility of coming across a coupon for iHerb that lets you get free shipping on International orders! However, this requires a purchase worth more than $40.
What are some of the best brands I can use these iHerb promo codes for?

Mentioned below are four of the best brands sold at iHerb that you can get at discounted rates using iHerb promo codes:

topnav_slice1Source Naturals is the pioneer of the Wellness Formula’ concept, known today as the industry’s top immune support product. It has a line of award winning formulas, that also include Life Force Multiple’, Inflama-Rest’, Mega-Kid Multiple’, the Skin Eternal’ line, Essential Enzymes’, Higher Mind’ and Male Response’ among others. The manufacturer’s diverse range of Bio-Aligned Forumlas’ strengthens the body by bringing it the power of alignment.

The product is made after careful evaluation of the causes of system imbalances, following which nutrients that target these imbalanced systems are incorporated into the product. There 600+ product line also includes high quality single entity nutrients, in a form ready for uptake by the body.

paradise herbs logoParadise Herbs boasts years of effort in developing and perfecting their products, so that they retain the true balance and essence of nature in a safe and effective form, even for highly sensitive consumers. Their philosophy revolves around 7 ‘standards’ of excellence, namely, Value, Sustainability, Safety, Efficacy, Potency, Purity and Quality.

Their dedication to the standards of this philosophy can be seen from their products, which are in their purest form and of the highest quality e.g. Amazing Whey is the result of Nature Synergized to provide you the maximum possible fitness and overall healthy goal achievement through advanced protein concentrate.

Another example is ORAC-Energy Slimming Greens, a combination of the manufacturer’s patented Greens formula and other effective ingredients such as green tea, banaba and astragalus; this product contains the GRAS certified Super CitriMax, a fruit extract that reduces food intake by curbing appetite, as a key ingredient.

now-foods-logoNow Foods is a family owned manufacturer of high quality, affordable health supplements, with a six decade legacy of catering to the needs of health conscious consumers, which combines a preference of natural over synthetic with high quality manufacturing standards to yield the best possible products. This manufacturer puts special emphasis on maintaining the affordability of their products, but never at the expense of quality. Offering a comprehensive range of supplements from amino acids, all the way to vitamins and including everything in between.

This manufacturer has received a number of awards as recently as 2014, including a Delicious Living Supplement Award, a Best of Natural Beauty Award, a 2014 Vity Award, a 2014 Clean Choice Award, etc.

The Quest Bar is widely regarded as the number one low carb nutrition bar and for good reason. They were created for the sole purpose of combining top taste with zero health concerns. This philosophy has been at the heart of every Quest product to date ‘ that food should never be a compromise between taste and nutrition. For a quest bar coupon check out our article here.

Quest Protein BarThe manufacturer combines high quality ingredients (no sugar is allowed at their facility) with painstaking research and experimentation to develop the most delicious, nutritious foods possible for their consumers. In fact, everything they put in their Quest Bars is made in-house, including the chocolate crumbles in the Cookies & Cream Quest Bar and the white chocolate chunks in the White Chocolate Raspberry Quest Bar! According to the manufacturer, this is the only way they can ensure that their product’s nutritional profile and perfect taste remains maintained.

You can buy these and many more top-notch healthy foods and supplements from, and if you use an promo code, you can get them at a discounted rate. Promo codes for popular products such as these appear on several third party websites ‘ even on social media sites ‘ so you won’t even have to search around a lot!

I’m already a customer, how can I promote this great service too?

If you’re a happy iHerb customer, you’ll naturally want to spread the message to other health conscious individuals. But here’s an incentive that will make it worth your while to let others know about iHerb and its top notch health supplement product lineup:

The iHerb Rewards program isn’t a run-of-the-mill referral program that gives you and your referred customer a onetime flat reward and stops at that.

This program is a gift that keeps growing.

Here’s how it works:

You use a special referral code assigned to you while sharing iHerb on various websites etc. When the referred and first-time customer applies this iHerb referral code to their first ever purchase, they get a $10 discount if their purchase is worth more than $40 and a $5 discount if it’s less than $40.

With that, you’ll get cash reward worth 6% of their purchased product cost! But it won’t stop there, too: you’ll earn 6% on all subsequent purchases your referral makes in their first year and 2% on all purchases made from year two and onwards.

There isn’t any limit on the number of first time referrals you can make.

You can also refer products to other returning iHerb customers. If they purchase a product referred by your link, and they haven’t purchased it before, you’ll get 6% of the product cost if they are first year customers and 2% if they are two or more year old customers.

You can share your referral link on virtually any internet platform that allows advertisements. Posting these links on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is the easiest way to start earning through iHerb, but you can also post these links on your blog e.g. if you have a health and fitness blog that sees many visitors daily.

This will be a great place to post a referral link!

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