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iHerb has been an e-commerce business site for almost 14 years now. Up until now, it has been a point of pride with them that the site has unfailingly offered natural-based, quality health and food products to countless satisfied customers worldwide.

Personally, I love the fact that there is always an active iHerb coupon code posted somewhere on the internet. A coupon code just makes a good deal that much sweeter, since it offers an additional discount on top of any promos and discounts currently being offered on the site. When you consider the fact the products already cost 30 to 40% cheaper than those offered by the competition, the savings are simply unbelievable. Click Here to Shop Now

For those who have never bought anything from iHerb coupon code UBU994 offers a $5 discount off your first order. To use this code, you simply choose items that you want to include in your shopping cart. Upon checkout, you will be asked to enter the code before the charges for tax and shipping is computed. Once the iHerb code UBU994 has been entered in the field, the system will automatically deduct a $5 value off your total. It is that easy.

As I mentioned earlier, iHerb always has some promos or discounts going on virtually all the time. Unlike most online shopping sites that only allow you to enjoy one discount at a time, iHerb just lets you have all the discounts that you are entitled to.

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For example, if you are a first-time buyer who have been referred by a pre-existing iHerb client, you can still enjoy the $5 discount offered on the coupon code and the person who referred you will still be entitled to his referral rewards. On top of that, you can still avail of promos and discount offers active at the time of purchase.

iHerb Coupon Code that works

Right now, for example, iHerb is offering an extra 10% off the entire selection of amino acid products. One of the products being offered in the amino acid line is Country Life, Gluten-free, Acetyl L-Carnitine Caps 500 mg.

The regular price for this product is $83.99, but it is on sale right now at an amazing 64% off, bringing its listed price at only $30.24. At a further 10% discount, this comes down to just $27.22; if you will be using the iHerb code UBU994, you only need to pay $22.22 for the product, which contains 240 veggie capsules.

The savings are just incredible with iHerb Coupon Code. Browse their product lines to find great quality products at unbelievable prices. And of course, aside from coupon code UBU994, those who are already repeat clients could easily find other active iHerb coupons that they could use as well.