Use this Vitacost promo code and save big on health food and supplements

No one likes to buy things at their full price – we all prefer to shop at sales. These days, coupons and freebies are all the craze – it gets hard to find local discounts from some products, which is why consumers are starting to avail the benefits online shopping has to offer. Shopping online means you can avail special discounts and offers that aren’t restricted to your city or country – the only downside is when you’re buying clothes and don’t know if they’ll be a good fit or not.

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I’d like to share with you ten fantastic products from Vitacost that my family frequently purchase online. The reason we buy it online is that the company offers plenty of generous Vitacost promo codes. If you’re willing to do a nominal amount of online searching, you’re bound to find a Vitacost coupon 10 off (or even 15 off) that will drastically reduce the cost of your purchases.

My top ten picks of Vitacost products:

1.  Floradix Floravital Iron and Herbs

Floradix Floravital Iron and HerbsIf your pediatrician recommends you to consume some iron supplements to get your hemoglobin levels up, these are an excellent choice. Even if you aren’t anemic, you could be running on reserves and suffering from symptoms such as restless sleep and headaches. Children should take a 5ml dose whereas adults are advised to take 10ml. You could mix it with orange juice to make it more palatable for children. They are also available in a gluten-free version, so be sure to read the labels to get the ones you want.

2.  Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA

DHA and Omega-3 are great choices of supplements for kids to ensure proper health as they grow. DHA is good for the development of the brain, nervous system, and eyes. Conditions such as Apraxia of Speech can be countered with this nutrient, and with this particular product, it will be a favorite of your kids because it tastes like strawberry. You may even be tempted to take it yourself. It’s gluten free and is an excellent food supplement to have in your house, especially when you can get it cheap using aVitacost coupon code 15 off.

3.   Nordic Berries Multi-vitamins

If you want your kids to have a balanced diet but find it hard to convince them to eat their vegetables and fruits, you need to give these Nordic Berries a try – with their slightly sour flavor, chewy texture, and delicious flavors, no child will resist these vitamin supplements disguised as sweets. These gluten free vitamin supplements are an easy steal if you use a Vitacost coupon with your purchase.

4.  Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA

Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHAJust like DHA is necessary for kids, it is also important for unborn babies. It is also good for the woman as well since it helps them regenerate – carrying a baby inside you is no easy task after all, and every little bit helps. These supplements are also gluten free.

5.  Redmond Trading Company Earthpaste in Peppermint

Also available in lemon and cinnamon flavors, if your family members are partial to other flavors. The great thing about Earthpaste is that it is free from fluoride and safe for all members of the family to use. Even if someone eats half the tube, there is absolutely no need to worry. Only six ingredients go into making this toothpaste, and not one of them is toxic. You could stock them up at a discount buy utilizing a Vitacost discount code.

6.  Bojron Arnicare Arnica Gel

Bojron Arnicare Arnica GelWhen kids go out to play, they are bound to come back with bruises and bumps – it is a part of growing up. Not only does Arnica gel help to reduce the pain of the wound, but it also minimizes the bruising effect. You’d be surprised how well it does in reducing an egg-sized bruise on your child’s head – a must have for every basic first aid kit.


7.  Charlie’s Soap Laundry Detergent

You may be picky about your laundry detergent, but I’d suggest you give this one a try even if you’re doubtful. I am yet to find a detergent that cleans my garments better and makes them fresher and more sweet smelling. Your risk is minimized if you get it using a promo code for Vitacost and you’d be surprised at how much a tiny amount can wash. A Convenient squeeze bottle lets you measure out the exact amount you want, and you don’t have to worry about any smell issues because of leaving the clothes in the washer for too long. You could also get the Charlie’s Soap Laundry Pre-Spray for, especially tough stains.

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8.  Bac-Out

Bac-OutWhile its main purpose is to help get rid of tough diaper stains after you’ve mistakenly left the diaper sitting for a long time, from personal experience, it works equally well for cleaning couches and carpets that have come in harm’s way because of potty training mishaps and pet accidents. Spray it on, let it sit for some time, and then just rub and dab. After it dries, you’ll be rid of the nasty stain and the unpleasant smell it was exuding.



9.  Shea Moisture Tea Tree Herbal Bump Preventer

A bump preventer that works great for those with regular skin and those with skin sensitivities. No matter how frequently you need to shave, you can count on this one to keep your face look clean, smooth and bump-free. Highly recommended as a gift for male friends as well, and another product you can stock up on at a reduced price through a promo code Vitacost.

10.  Shea Moisture Baby Body Wash

Shea Moisture Baby Body WashUse it on your kids, and maybe you’ll love it so much you’ll use it yourself. It is a sweet smelling concoction made from chamomile and argan oil mixed with myrrh and frankincense extracts, and can be used as shampoo as well as a simple wash.

If you haven’t shopped from Vitacost before, you’ve now got a lot to look forward too. You’ll get cheaper rates compared to local retail stores, and free shipping for orders worth more than $49.


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