Using Paradise Herbs Supplements For A Balanced And Healthy Life

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Paradise Herbs is a company that specializes in researching, developing and manufacturing natural extracts and supplements. From protein extracts to omega 3 oil and vitamins, this company has dedicated its activity to making supplements that aid the body perform better, leading to increased health.

About the company
paradise herbs logoThe company has over 26 years of existence. With an emphasis on quality, the team over at Paradise Herbs have been researching and working in the natural foods industry for almost three decades.

The founder of the company has extensive experience and training in Chinese and other native herbalism practices, with over 10 years hands on experience in working with traditional Chinese medicine and improving it in cooperation with two notorious Chinese medical doctors.

Company principles
The company believes in the manufacture of natural products. While many other companies use additives to isolate components, this company avoids using any fillers or other harmful chemicals that negate the effects of the extracts.

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Also, the company believes that nature knows best, and that the components should not be isolated. They believe that the key components do not work well alone, but they must be kept with the original other compounds that act in synergy, contributing to better absorption rates, increased efficiency and more visible health benefits.

That’s the main reason why the company does not isolate components, as the extracts contain concentrated levels of both the active ingredient and the roots of others, making them a lot more effective.

The products
One of the best things about Paradise Herbs products is that they are made from natural ingredients. Since the company belief is that the end products are only as good as the starting materials, they only harvest plants that grow in their indigenous area.

Not only are the plants grown where they belong and where they develop the right amount of benefit elements, but they also do not contain any pesticides or other chemicals. Products range from healthy Omega oil from fish to protein extracts and vitamins that strengthen the body and the mind.

All products are pure and they retain their essence and the natural balance intended by nature.

Where to get these products from?
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