Why stand in line in a health food store when you can order online

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With more than 600 brands and 30,000 products, iHerb is everything you need for better health, from antioxidants to fish oil to red yeast rice (and even baby care or cleaning products), can be had by a simple point and click.

Quality products are a benefit by themselves, but if they don’t get to you on time, or if your account has been compromised, then all benefits cancel out. At iHerb, not only do you receive fresh products, you get them on time without extravagant shipping costs. And there’s more.

8 Reasons Why Your Next Purchase Should Be From iHerb

1. iHerb guarantees same-day shipping. Get your orders in before 1:00 PM PST and they will be processed for shipment at the end of the day. This applies to all orders in the United States and Canada. When orders are placed on holidays or weekends, they get first in line the next business day. For no-rush deliveries, customers can choose from a range of shipping options at very low price or at no cost at all.

2. iHerb orders leading brands in bulk, so customers have huge selection. With six hundred brands online, chances are, your favorite label at a health food store is also on iHerb’s stock. Everything is the same, except the price. Because items are ordered in huge quantities, the company gets unbeatable discounts and passes that on to consumers. This means that brands you can buy at a brick-and-mortar health store can be had for up to 40% less of its retail price.

3. iHerb maintains state-of-the-art warehouse facility. To ensure that products arrive at customers in top condition, the company operates a fully air-conditioned mega-warehouse to accommodate the volume of inventory and process orders efficiently.

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4. iHerb guarantees seal of freshness. When browsing online for orders, you get to verify expiration dates just as you would in an actual shop. The company’s inventory turnover is high, which means that products sell out earlier than the next batch of inventory is due to arrive.

5. iHerb will only process orders that are in stock. At certain times, inventories await replenishment because of high turnover. Accordingly, the products are labeled out of stock so customers only take out what the company has on hand.

6. iHerb makes customer online experience a breeze. From log-in to check-out, the process is streamlined so purchasing online is as simple as a few clicks. Security of customer account and personal information is paramount, so customers are assured of 100% safe online transaction.

7. iHerb has real people to attend to your concerns. Customer service agents, while they don’t take orders over the phone, can respond to your inquiry regarding order status, shipping due dates and discrepancies in your account. After hours (8AM to 5PM PST), support is provided via chat and email, so you practically get assistance 24/7.

8. iHerb guarantees privacy and credit card security. The company’s website is hosted privately, and latest encryption software is utilized to protect financial information. Whatever the company has on its database is never leased, sold or shared and assures confidentiality in every transaction carried out.

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